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Air Chucks
Straight "Push-on" Air Chucks

Lock-On Air Chucks

Ball Foot Air Chucks

Clip-On Ball Foot Air Chucks

Extension Chucks

Pro-Line Chucks

Chuck Replacement Parts

Blow Guns, Tips and Extensions
Pistol Grip Blow Gun

Lever Blow Gun

Button Blow Gun

Adjustable Pocket Blow Gun

In-Line Blow Gun

Typhoon® High Volume Blow Gun

Typhoon® Pro High Volume Blow Gun

Variable Flow Blow Gun

Typhoon® Blow Gun Tips

Typhoon® Siphon Tip



Typhoon® Blow Gun Adapter Kit with Commonly Used Tips

Air Bullet Push-to-Activate Blow Gun

Safety Rubber Tip for Blow Guns

Typhoon and Typhoon Pro Blow Gun with Fully Assembled Extensions

CEG-1 Blow Gun

Catalog Download
Our Latest Catalog of Acme Automotive Items (3 MB Download)

Couplers and Connectors
Acme Interchange

ARO Interchange

Automotive / Tru-Flate Interchange

Lincoln Interchange

Industrial Interchange


Universal Automatic

Composite, Non-Marring



Ball Swivel

Special Packaging

3/8" Body Size Ball Swivel Connectors

5-In-1 Automatic Safety Exhaust Coupler

Gauge Displays

Blow Gun Kit Display

Gondola Display

Tri-Stand Display

Filters, Regulators and Lubricators
Dial Gauges

Dessicant Dryers

Dryer Systems

In-Line Series

Miniature Series

Crusader Series

Modular Series

Performance Series

Brass Pipe

Brass Hose

Ball Swivel



Repair Kit

FilterPlug™ - Filter and Connector in One

3/8" Body Size Ball Swivel Connectors

Hose and Tubing
Flexeel® Air Hose (Straight and Coiled)

FlexReel Hose Reel

Water Flexeel® Industrial Strength Water Hose

General Purpose Hose

Thermoplastic Hose

Flexcoil® Polyurethane Air Hose (Coiled)

Nylon Air Hose (Coiled)

D.O.T. Tubing

Ball Swivel Lead-In Hose

Hose Clamps

Hose Ferrules

Flexeel Max™ Straight Reinforced Polyurethane Air Hose Assembly

GilaFlexTM Inner-braided PVC Air Hose

Cab Air kits

Flexeel® Compressor Accessory Kit

Body Shop Kit

Paint Booth Kit

Compressor Accessory Blow Gun Kit

Standard Blow Gun Kit

Deluxe Blow Gun Kit

Ultimate Blow Gun Kit


Manifold Assemblies

Air Tool Lubricant

Air Compressor Oil

Air-to-Spare Remote Tire Hose

Driveway Gong

Air / Water Adapters

Pump Connectors

Radiator Fillers

Redi-Flow Nozzles

Filler Valves

Tank Valves

Solenoid Drain Valve

Ball Valve

3-in-1 Combo Tire Inflation/Deflation and Valve Core Tool

Tire Gauges / Inflators
Economy Tire Pressure Gauge

Pro-Line Tire Pressure Gauge

Professional Tire Pressure Gauge

Professional Tractor Tire Pressure Gauge

Dial Tire Pressure Gauge

Digital Tire Gauge

Service Gauges

Inflator Gauges

Inflator Accessories

Digital TRUCK Tire Pressure Gauge - Dual Foot and Straight Foot

Professional Grade Inflator Gauge

Deluxe Tire Inflator

Digital Passenger Car Tire Pressure Service Gauge

Professional Dial Gauge

Tire Repair
Repair Kits

Refill Kits

Patch Kits


Tire Boots


Repair Tools


Wheel Hardware
Tubeless Tire Valves

Tractor Valves

Screw-On Valves

Valve Sleeves

Valve Caps

Valve Extensions

Valve Cores


Acme Automotive
19 Kimberly Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
(732) 432-7177 | Fax: (732) 432-7425

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